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Features of St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s schools believe in promoting activities which are informative and enjoyable. A session called ABL or Activity Based Learning has been devised for the pupils for Lower Primary and for the pupils of Upper Primary the schools have structured well-defined clubs. Members of ABL gather and a variety of activities are planned with the help of the teachers. The club activities develop both intellect and in the pupils. We have various types of clubs like; Maths, literary, eco and science, karate, sports and games, social action, dance, fine arts, music club.

Co-curricular Activities

St. Mary’s believes that emphasis on body is as important as it is on the mind. To this effect it has devised co-curricular and extra-curricular and sports activities to provide students with a comprehensive education.

St. Mary’s schools attach great importance to co-curricular activities. All children are encouraged to develop some hobbies. A healthy mind a healthy body is the key to all-round development and this is ensured through various leisure activities and physical sports.

In today’s highly competitive world, we have to bear a lot of mental stress and also have to get involved in so many things in order to acquire knowledge. This is where co-curricular activities play a very significant role. They help us get mental rest and also help us stay physically fit and healthy.

Being only brilliant in academics doesn’t help a student become a responsible citizen of that country. A student should also be equally talented in other fields and even if not, they should at least pay some interest in them. It’s because being both academically and co-curricularly talented helps a student to face the world. This also helps in developing his/her personality. There is no doubt that academics are the priority in a student’s life but it would be very wrong to say that co-curricular activities are a kind of hindrance to academic excellence. Students don’t go to school only to study but they also go there to show their potentiality in other fields like sports, dance and music. Another advantage of co-curricular activities is that they help a student in building up their skills or nourishing their inner capabilities.

  • Calligraphy in three languages.
  • Poster designing.
  • Recitation, essay writing and elocution in three languages.
  • Extempore speech.
  • Mono action/dramatics.
  • Solo and group dancing, singing.
  • Drawing and colouring.
  • Quizzes, group discussion, debates and G.K competitions.
  • Fancy dress show.
  • Yoga and meditation.
  • Field trips.
  • Celebrations of important festivals and important days or events.
  • Indoor and outdoor games.