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Our Facilities

The School is a second home for every child. We enriched the school with all facilities which creates a good environment and enables the students to learn in a healthy atmosphere. Let us take a look into some of the outstanding facilities of St. Mary’s

  • The schools are well linked with all public transport and have a pollution free environment.
  • Class rooms are well ventilated and spacious. They are provided with fans and comfortable furniture.
  • Smart classes are equipped with EXTRA MARKS database. The Audiovisual (AV) LCD projectors are used to provide interactive learning. The students can learn facts and concepts better through interactive learning methods and 3D pictures. The students are encouraged to do project works and presentations based on the knowledge which they gain here.
  • Digital knowledge center is the hub of information and lesson planning. The teachers every day before going to the smart classes, plan the lessons here. The teachers also have facility to learn new concepts and subject knowledge.
  • Computer lab is installed in every school with sufficient computers in order to provide computer aided education with internet facility. Here students learn computer subject through practical classes.
  • One good book is equal to 100 good friends. Our libraries are enriched with such more than 2500 equality collection of books. Regular up gradation of library is done.
  • Science laboratories are provided with all necessary equipments. We encourage our students to develop their scientific temper through frequent use of labs. Our students participate in different science exhibitions regularly and impresses all by their creative ingenuity.
  • Our handwriting is the index of our personality. To improve our students’ writing skills every year we are conducting workshops on handwriting by the specialist.
  • Safe and secure transportation facilities are linked with many surrounding areas. Well trained and experienced drivers and cleaners ensure comfortable travel of the students.
  • In our schools, we teach children a variety of dance & music styles from elementary classes.
  • Art & Craft at St. Mary’s are media to communicate ideas through colours & clay. In order to keep the child fit in mind and body each child has to participate in debates, declamations, elocution, dramatics, games, visit to the places of interest etc.
  • The House System. The entire school community is divided into four houses. Each house has a house mistress and tutors to guide the students to foster a spirit of leadership, co-operation, mutual understanding, tolerance and self-reliance. Various inter house activities are organized to build up team spirit. Besides this, the students are initiated into community service and social work. The house system gives opportunities to students to face the challenges of inter-hose competitions as well as competitions organized by various other reputed schools.
  • To install the art of self discipline, self governance, and team spirit in students we have constituted four houses. Education being all all-round development of the child, we give as many opportunities as possible to every student to participate in a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. This will help the child to improve and develop his/her various talents and aptitude and also inculcate in him/her a spirit of healthy competitiveness. It will teach him/her to be a more disciplined and organized individual. To promote healthy and competitive spirit among the school children we have inter house competitions conducted under the guidance of the Headmaster and house mentors. The school children are given opportunity to participate in various activities through different houses as given below with their respective colours.











  • Celebrations: India is a secular country. Here all people are living together with mutual understanding, co-operation and with fraternity. Giving secular touch to the school we celebrate all national festivals, different religious festivals and school celebrations to bring our children under one roof.
  • The management is taking responsibility in making the staff - teaching and administrative - competent, by conducting training programmes periodically. The teaching staff is exposed to innovative academic programmes by the trainings and evolves competent skills in delivering the same effectively in the classrooms.
  • Orientation programmes are conducted for the administrative staff to enable them to cope with their responsibilities better. Training sessions are conducted during holidays / vacations, through workshops on various methodologies. We also groom Subject Experts to take up teaching tasks.

    St. Mary’s has introduced the tradition of conducting training programmes, through workshops in all subjects at the pre-primary, primary and high school levels periodically, especially during vacation. The interactive sessions bring out the best in all and encourage knowledge sharing among faculty. Subject experts plan short term sessions during the term-end vacation, and hold long term sessions for fresh recruits and existing teachers before the commencement of a fresh academic year.